Disrupted sleep is very dangerous. Whether it’s a tough time with worry and stress, workload – or even good things, like celebrations – not falling into a deep sleep causes more than just a tired afternoon the next day.

Sleep disruption is associated with increased sympathetic nervous system activity and causes pro-inflammatory responses.

Even short-term consequences of sleep disruption can include increased stress response, somatic pain, reduced quality of life, emotional distress and mood disorders, and cognitive, memory and performance deficits.

Circadian Rhythm™ by Vibrant Blue Oils is the best way we’ve found to reset your circadian rhythm!

It can help you drift off to sleep more easily at night, stay alert during the day and minimize these health risks. Plus, this blend is normally $84.95!
Circadian Rhythm™ provides powerful, natural support even for great sleepers who face everyday hurdles to deep rest, like travel, allergies, shift work, young children and noisy neighbors.

It contains a proprietary blend of organic, wild-crafted, therapeutic essential oils that are known to support pineal gland function, promote relaxation and induce sleep.

Here are the benefits you may experience:

Natural release of sleep-inducing melatonin
Reset your circadian rhythm to drift off to sleep
Reduce cortisol (that keeps your mind racing)
Detoxify & support your pineal gland
Wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated & sharp
Feel more energetic, clearer and happier
Boost your body’s ability to purge harmful toxins
And more!

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