Attention olive oil users –
I have GOOD news and some SCARY news for you

First, the GOOD news. . .
There are some healthy reasons why the popularity of extra virgin olive oil is soaring.

It’s a delicious, all-natural superfood. According to independent researchers at Consumer Labs, “In addition to a pleasurable taste, extra virgin olive oil has potential health benefits including reduced risk of coronary heart disease, reduced risk of breast and colorectal cancers, and improved blood sugar control.”

USA Today reports, “Temple University research shows extra virgin olive oil protects against memory loss, preserves the ability to learn and reduces conditions associated with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Extra virgin olive oil also contains zero carbs, making it ideal for millions of people on the popular Paleo, keto, Atkins and other low-carb lifestyles.

But there is another side (the SCARY news). . .
Thanks to the many health benefits of authentic olive oil, demand has soared worldwide. But 100% pure extra virgin olive oil (the highest grade) is expensive, leaving this superfood vulnerable to crooks looking to make a quick buck. Notorious crime syndicates in Italy and elsewhere have been raking in fortunes by creating massive amounts of counterfeit extra virgin olive oils.

NBC News has reported that “fake olive oil is rampant.” The Wall Street Journal adds, “American grocery stores are awash in cheap, fake ‘extra virgins.’” In an explosive exposé, 60 Minutes has cautioned that you face a “sea of fakes” when you shop for olive oil in stores.

How Harmful Can Fake Olive Oil Be?
In his New York Times best-selling book, Extra Virginity, olive oil expert Tom Mueller warns of contaminants and even cancer-causing agents in fake olive oils:

“Italian investigators have found hydrocarbon residues, pesticides, and other contaminants in fake oils, and pomace oil, a common adulterant, sometimes contains mineral oil as well as PAHs, proven carcinogens that can also damage DNA and the immune system.”

It’s critical to ensure your family is getting authentic, fresh, healthy, highest-quality, 100% pure olive oil for their health and their safety. But how do you know?

The Easiest Way I Know to Avoid Olive Oils Made by Criminals
As the experts in the 60 Minutes exposé recommend, you can avoid criminally produced olive oils by doing your homework online. There are many good and honorable farmers around the world who bypass the criminal counterfeiting factories and instead sell their olive oils directly to consumers. Allow me to recommend one for you.