Do you have a hard time getting and staying asleep?

Isn’t it time you did something about it?

Sleep plays a major role in our everyday life and overall health.

However, interrupted sleeping has become a common issue in people which leads to several discomforts throughout the day. A new solution has arrived for this problem, the Primal Labs Sleep Refined.

Sleep Refined Promotes Gentle Relaxation and Deeper All-Night Sleep with 3 Safe Ingredients in a Proven Timed-Release Tablet

Unlike most herbal sleep aids, Sleep Refined contains two doses in one: the first dose goes to work when your head hits the pillow, and the second dose kicks in while you’re sleeping.

First, 30 minutes after you take it, a quick release dose helps to relax your mind and “set” your natural sleep cycle.

Second, throughout the night, the sustained release helps to strengthen your natural sleep cycle for more restful sleep.