Millions of people who have had “The Virus” continue to experience symptoms, or develop new symptoms, for weeks, months, or years after they were first infected… but the direct causes are not currently known.

People are experiencing symptoms like:
Shortness of breath
A chronic cough
Joint pain
Chest pain
Brain fog
Muscle pain
Rapid heartbeat
Intermittent fevers
And many others
This is not okay…

…especially if you have a busy, high-er stress lifestyle or existing health condition!

We need answers, and now. Before it gets even more out of hand…

Thankfully, we have a resource that we think you might want to look into:

Dr. Linell King has committed his life to gathering the most cutting-edge data to help support everyday people to take control of their bodies to protect and heal themselves from “The Virus” – or any disease for that matter.

As a Johns Hopkins MD and functional medicine physician, he is THE guy when it comes to better understanding post-virus symptoms and the long-term complications that come with them.

And this week, he’s releasing a complimentary 5-part masterclass specifically designed to help those suffering from long-haul virus symptoms to reclaim their health and quality of life.

It’s called the Back To 100 Masterclass because Dr. King’s #1 goal is to help you finally get “back to 100%.”

Save your seat for the Back To 100 Masterclass taking place on April 9th!
(*We are sorry, but this offer is currently only available to U.S. residents.)

Through his research, Dr. King has been able to help people all around the world banish symptoms, reclaim their health, and experience a level of physical vitality most people have never even dreamt of…

You may not think your health issues are anything now. But in 3 more months, it could be much worse.

Please take a second to hear what he has to say… trust us, you’ll thank us later.
Because health means everything!