tips for a stress free life

Despite the fact that stress has adverse effects on our life, we still deny admitting that this could be a mental disorder. Leading a stressful life hinders our efficiency and lessens our ability to live a healthy and happy life. Being stressed, you may fall sick more often, can feel grumpy and even irritated too. Check out the tips below to make your life less stressed.

Follow a routine

Always make a point to follow a regime. A routine provides a structured and organised way of living. When our daily routine is well structured, we can utilize our day in a better way. You will also realize that you are able to complete all your work on time and still can indulge in some entertainment activities, hobbies and sports. And you will automatically feel stress-free!

Wake up early

Wake up early in the morning. As the saying goes, “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise”. So, follow a daily routine and set a time to sleep at night and when to wake up. Waking up early is not just healthy for your body but is also beneficial in improving mental health.

Make a list for yourself

Make a list of things that make you happy and optimistic. This technique will help to ease your stress in a positive manner. Also, make a list of work that you need to do or could accomplish in a day. The best suggestion would be to make a to-do list wherein you list all the activities, assignments or any other tasks that you need to complete. This is a good way of staying focused and organized and also completing all the tasks without thinking too much about them.

Accept and face your challenges

If you find yourself in a bad situation or if some of your decisions have landed you in trouble, accept and find a solution for it instead of cribbing. When you accept your challenges, it has a positive impact on your mind and consciousness. This makes you stronger to face tougher situations in future as well.

Look after yourself

Never forget to take good care of you. When we are in a stressful situation, we end up getting tensed and worried without giving a thought about ourselves. We ignore our own selves either by eating unhealthy meals or by not giving our body and mind enough rest. This ignorance can more harm us greatly and could weaken our power to deal with stress.


Relax your mind and body. When felling stresses, take a nap or breathe deep. Being continuously involved in work can be stressful. So, remember to take a break and connect with ‘yourself’. In this way, you will stay calm and make yourself feel better.

Don’t procrastinate

As is said by the elders, tomorrow never comes. Do not leave your work for the next day. Complete your job as soon as possible. Procrastination is bad and stressful and the thought to complete the work tomorrow, never gets accomplished.