Why do people get dementia and eventually… Alzheimer’s? To answer this question, let’s unzip your brain and take a look inside.


Your brain is like tens of thousands of storage areas, each with specific memories. These “storage areas” must connect and communicate so you remember things… like where you put your keys. Or passwords to websites.

That’s where neurotransmitters come in. Neurotransmitters are powerful chemicals in the brain that transmit information from one part of the brain to the other. Ultimately, neurotransmitters impact memory, learning, attention, and wakefulness… everything we do. Our LIFE, in other words.

But… when the neurotransmitters fail repeatedly, then you’ve got a mega-problem—a big-time problem called dementia. And eventually, an even bigger problem called Alzheimer’s. What causes the neurotransmitters to stop working? LIFE!

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