By Wilson McBride

About The Author

Wilson McBride has been practicing and speaking about inner peace, Zen and serenity of life for over three decades.

He truly believes a life without these things is an empty and unfulfilling life.  He says, “We are put on this earth to live our lives to the fullest, and to be happy.  We are not meant to be here to suffer.”

He has very effectively put some of his teachings into book format to share with you, so that you too, and others around you, may experience a full life of happiness, abundance, love, and serenity.

He says, “Without peace in your life, without gratitude and humility, we are devoid of the full extent of the capabilities of our beings.”

We hope you enjoy this book and that it brings you many blessings!

Are You Searching For Happiness in Your Life?  Do You Feel Unsatisfied Overall?

Dear Friend!

In today’s hectic world having time for yourself is getting less and less, but it’s important that you take time for yourself.  You need to look after yourself first in order to be your best self!  Finding peace and happiness can be difficult, but once you have the tools to find it, you’ll start to feel much better.

Life is too short to not enjoy it!  So many of us have had a rough year, especially the last year with the pandemic.  There has been upheaval, panic, fear, uncertainty, and even loss for many people.  It’s not surprising that many people have lost sight of peace of mind, and just have become to accept life as a busy, uncertain time. 

In today’s consumer-driven and super-competitive world, our more prevalent emotions tend to be anger, frustration, envy and often, despair. Even people with wealth and successful careers feel this way. Why do we feel that something is missing in our lives?

It’s time to give back to yourself.  Do you know how to find inner peace and happiness? 

Let us help you!

Practicing gratitude creates a huge paradigm shift. Suddenly, so many of the things that keep you tossing and turning at night become trivial and meaningless – while the things you should be putting your effort into, the things that have true value and meaning, become crystal-clear.

Learning how to practice mindful positivity will also help you find your Zen and inner peace.  We teach you how to do this in depth, something that you can practice daily to ensure you have a more peaceful, Zen-like and happier life.

Let us give you the roadmap to happiness!

Once you put these lessons into practice, you are sure to see a change in your life for the better!

You will feel more positive, happier, and better about the world around you. 

You deserve to have inner peace and happiness, and a brighter life than ever before.  You will be able to share your knowledge with everyone you know, and you will improve their lives too.

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